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What is Hydrostatic Release Unit ?

A Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) is a pressure-activated mechanism that plays a vital role in water safety. When a vessel sinks, the HRU activates to automatically deploy an EPIRB or life raft at a depth between 1.5 and 4 meters. This reliable release mechanism ensures the life raft inflates and becomes available for the crew in an emergency.

The working principle of an HRU is based on water pressure. When submerged to a certain depth, the increase in pressure triggers the release mechanism, disconnecting the life raft from the sinking vessel.

HRU2 600 2

You can discover more about this by learning how hydrostatic releases work. But in a nutshell, a built-in knife within the unit performs this essential task, while a weak link connects to the ship, allowing for easy detachment.

HRU3 6001


Types and Models

HRUs come in both disposable and disposable-type varieties. They are designed to automatically cut the connection, such as ropes or lashings, holding the life raft to the vessel.

In compliance with SOLAS regulations and IMO/SOLAS guidelines, various types and models of HRUs have been developed to cater to different marine applications.

Approvals and Certificates: Your HRUs must hold necessary approvals and certificates from authorities like the IMO and SOLAS, meeting global standards for your safety at sea.

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