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FUTRONIC MKII is the preferred ALL-IN-ONE test equipment for radio inspectors performing mandatory, periodical surveys of
ship-borne communications equipment, radio beacons, AIS and Search and Rescue transponders.

MKII is the only test box on the market capable of multiple test functions and a proven operational lifetime of
more than 20 years. MKII is capable of testing all radio and safety equipment obligated by IMO to undergo mandatory inspections.

FUTRONIC MKII is available in three different models:

GMDSS Tester , GMDSS Tester +AIS Tester , GMDSS Tester + AIS+SART Combine All-in-one

TEST SPECIFICATIONS Faster testing is achieved through simultaneous AIS-SART tests, where all eight AIS-bursts are measured in one single test. Faster testing is also achieved through simultaneous test of frequency, data and power in AIS and VHF tests. The Futronic test box is available in three models: GMDSS, GMDSS-AIS and GMDSS-AIS-SART.

AIS Transponders Measuring AIS data, frequency, power and VSWR simultaneously on:

– Class A & B transponders

– AIS base stations

– Aircraft Search and Rescue transponders

– Aids to Navigation devices (AtoN)

futronic mkii test 600


Search and Rescue transponders Measuring data & frequency simultaneously on:


– Man over Board (MoB) devices

– AIS SART beacon data & frequency

– Radar SART beacon level & frequency

futronic mkii 600

VHF radios

DSC data, ATIS, frequency, power, VSWR and deviation. Measuring frequency and power simultaneously

MF/HF radios

DSC data, frequency, power and VSWR. Measuring DSC data and frequency simultaneously

NAVTEX receivers

Reception of transmitted NAVTEX messages


Send and Receive TELEX messages on all fre[1]quencies between 1.6065 MHz and 26.175 MHz.

futronic mkII 3 600


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