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The difference between projection and reflective compass

projection magnetic compass


A reflector compass (projector compass) is a standard compass with an optical reflector tube inside the compass cabinet. The upper end of the reflector tube is facing the dial near the bow base of the compass basin, and the lower end extends through the base and deck of the compass cabinet to the wheelhouse. The reflector tube is equipped with a set of optical lenses, which display the course scale of the compass basin bow baseline and nearby through projection, concentrating light and front shadow, which can be used by the helmsman to watch the course while steering.


The characteristic of the reflective magnetic compass is that it can be used in combination with the reflective device, which can use light to transmit the scale information of the current compass disc to the cockpit and provide it to the crew for observation.


In addition to the reflective magnetic compass, there is also a kind of projection magnetic compass, which is also a kind of vertical magnetic compass, and its general structure is the same as that of the reflective magnetic compass, the difference is that it uses the projection device to feedback its dial information, and in terms of device details, it is also slightly different. Using the projection principle of the projection device, the information on the magnetic compass dial is fed back to the wheelhouse, which is the main feature of the projection magnetic compass.


The difference between a projected magnetic compass and a reflective magnetic compass

  1. The reflective magnetic compass can be installed with a bypass tube, but the projection magnetic compass cannot be installed with a bypass tube. Some ships are larger, the installation position is relatively forward, and the bypass tube needs to be installed, at this time, the reflective magnetic compass needs to be installed, on the contrary, the projection magnetic compass cannot be installed with the bypass tube, this is because their structure is different.
  2. From the perspective of viewing effect, the projected magnetic compass is better than the reflected magnetic compass.

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