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Thuraya XT Lite Docking Station with antenna

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Compatible with Thuraya XT and XT-Dual satellite phones , Thuraya XT Lite ( Old and update version )

Fixed Docking Station for Thuraya XT/XT-lite use indoor & on boat

Model:  FDU-XT


The FDU-XT / FDU-XT DUAL is a home/vessel/car docking station that allows you to use the Thuraya XT and XT DUAL satellite phones in an indoor setting. Simply connect the FDU-XT/XT DUAL with the antennas; then dock your Thuraya XT handset into the cradle and start to enjoying satellite phone connectivity. You can keep the satellit signal even in indoor or in vessel drive room, and teh satellite signal keep full level.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Compatible with Thuraya XT and XT-Dual satellite phones
  • Supports high-quality voice transmission via auxiliary handset, speakerphone or any analogue extension telephone
  • Quickly searching satellite and gps position
  • Inbuilt MCU to detect battry status, charging switch controller and charng status LED indictor
  • Omni-direction active antenna with built-in active gpd antenna, one cable need only
  • Supports GMPRS services with USB port or DTE (downlink speed up to 60 kbps/uplink up to 15 kbps)
  • Upto 40 mters co-axial stellite antenna cable
  • Supports PABX connection, fax, PC fax and data servic up to 9.6kbps


Antenna work frquency


Reciever:                  1525.0 to 1559.0MHZ

1575.42+/-10.25MHZ (GPS L1)

Transmit:                  1626.5 to 1660.5MHZ


Description:               Omni-direction active antenna

Interfaces:                  TNC connections for satellite antenna

Power:                        Input power DC9V-36V

Universa AC/DC power supply 110-240V AC (Option)

* Car cigarette power supply (Option)

Charging:                    500mA, 6W

Sleep mode:               30mA, 50mA




Dimensions:                      221 x 166 x 85 mm

Net weight:                        0.675 KGS

OPerating Range:             -30C to + 80C

Storage:                            -30C to + 85C

Battery Charging Temp:    0C to 45C

Operating humidity range: 95% at 40C

Storage humidity range:    95% at 45C


In the box:

  1. FDU-XT / XT Dual main unit
  2. Handset
  3. Marine Active antenna
  4. Power cable and accessory parts
  5. Co-axial cable 10 meters
  6. * Car Cigatette Power Supply (Optional)
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