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SY-288 GPS Boat Auto Pilot

The autopilot of ship control is an indispensable and important equipment in the ship system, which is used to control the course of the ship, which can make the ship run in the scheduled course, it can overcome the various interference effects that make the ship deviate from the scheduled course, and make the ship automatically and stably run in the scheduled course, which is the key equipment for manipulating the ship.


SY-288 color screen autopilot manual – please click here to download for details


Autopilot, the full name of “automatic steering device control system”, also known as “automatic steering device”. It refers to a steering device that can automatically correct the yaw of the ship in time, so that the ship can be kept in the specified course for a long time and more accurately. Its working principle is as follows: when the bow of the ship deviates from the original course at a certain angle (yaw angle) due to the action of external forces such as wind, waves, currents, etc., the device acts immediately to deflect the rudder blade at a certain angle (rudder angle), and the bow gradually returns to the original course under the action of rudder force; In order to prevent the bow rotation inertia from being too large, when the bow does not reach and approaches the original course, the device makes the rudder rudder forward or produces an anti-rudder angle, so that the bow returns to the original course. In order to adapt to the different load conditions and sea conditions of the ship, the general autopilot is also equipped with some adjustment knobs. The autopilot simulates and replaces the manual steering mode, which maintains the course with higher accuracy than the manual steering, and improves the speed on the ground. At present, the autopilots commonly used on sea vessels include proportional-differential rudder, proportional-differentiative-integrated navigation, adaptive rudder and autopilot (track rudder).


With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, the use of various advanced instruments, the use of ship manipulation began to develop in the direction of intelligence, this paper reviews the working principle of the composition of ship control autopilot.


SY 288 GPS


connection wire



back port


Solenoid valve controller Connecting rod mounting plate power cord Compass Sensor 1 rudder feedback remote SY 288 GPS 1 1


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