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Steering Alarm Panel

This alarm board is a device specially developed for marine servos to monitor all kinds of alarms and operation status of the servo. This alarm board can send alarm information to the extension board via RS485, and the extension board will generate sound and light alarm signals according to the alarm information.


1.2 Technical specifications

The specific technical specifications of this alarm board are shown below:

  1. a) With test button, silencing button, dimming button, buzzer, power indication, and alarm indicator control and display;
  2. b) There are 16-channel switching volume acquisition;
  3. c) With integrated alarm output (active: DC24V);
  4. d) For the main alarm board and alarm extension board can be set, the extension board can take 2 pieces;
  5. e) Power supply: 24VDC;
  6. f) Operating temperature: -5℃-55℃;
  7. g) Relative humidity: between 5% and 95%, non-condensing.


2 Product Description

2.1 Key and Power Indicator Description

This alarm board has 3 buttons and a power indicator, whose specific functions are shown below:

  1. a) Power indicator, used to indicate whether this alarm board is powered or not.
  2. b) Silencing key, to silence the buzzer.
  3. c) Test button, to test whether the LED as well as the buzzer and relay are normal. When pressed, the LED changes to alarm status, the buzzer sounds, and the relay operates.
  4. d) Dimming, used to adjust the brightness of the indicator. After pressing the dimmer key, the brightness of the LED light decreases from bright to dark, and after it reaches the darkest, press it again to become the brightest.

2.2 Wiring Diagram :The wiring port of this alarm board is shown in the following diagram:


2.3 Function Setting

  1. a) J2 is the function setting of this device, 1-2 pass is the duplicate board, 2-3 pass is the main board.
    1. a) Overall dimensions: W*H=125*161mm
    2. b) Opening size: W*H=103*147mmDimension

      4.  Precautions for use 

    4.1 The positive and negative poles of the power supply should not be reversed.

    4.2 Output buzzer power can not be greater than 5W.





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