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Ship Searching Light TG26-A /TG27-A / TG28-A

Model / Name

TG26-A/TG27-A Searchlight

Lamp base : GY9.5

Voltage: 220V/50Hz 220V/60Hz

Wattage :   300W 500W 1000W

Protection grade :   IP56

Cable O.D. :  Φ10-Φ12

Weight :  40kg

Light source :   Tungsten halogen lamp

Luminous flux :  6900 12500 23000



Model / Name

TG26-A/TG27-A Searchlight

Scope of application

1、It is suitable for ships to navigate at night for long-distance search lighting, especially through the narrow channel, the inner river and other complex waters when irradiating the channel and both sides, surface search.

Especially through the narrow channel, the river channel and other complex waters when irradiation channel and both sides of the water surface search with;

2、Certified by China Classification Society “CCS”, certification number 00515Q20619R0M.


TG28-A Searchlight

Lamp base :  GY16

VOLTAGE :  220V/50Hz 220V/60Hz

Wattage :  2000W

Protection grade : IP56

Cable O.D. :   Φ14-Φ16

Weight :     70kg

Light source :  Tungsten halogen lamp

Luminous flux :   53000


Product features

1, the shell is made of high-quality stainless steel plate molding, high-quality stainless steel bracket, high-quality toughened glass lampshade, high-quality stainless steel base. High-quality 304 stainless steel base, using imported motors;

2、The lamps can be adjusted upward 20°, downward 50°, horizontal 350° long-distance through the joystick box, with the joystick box;

3, parallel beam, long range, light concentration;

4, in line with the “steel seagoing ship classification specification”.

5、Products with wireless remote control function, wireless 100 meters to control the operation of the light assembly, leading the domestic level, and through the product design patent.

The product has wireless remote control function and can control the operating light assembly wirelessly for 100 meters, which is ahead of the same level in China.

Patent No.: ZL 201420804513.3.


TG26 27 28 A brochure2


TG26 27 28 A brochure1


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