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Satellite Phone Repeater For inmarsat , Thuraya , Iridium


The outdoor antenna will receive the satellite signal and downlink it through the 10m cable to the SRT. The signal is then boosted and send through the 4m cable to the indoor antenna , and the indoor antenna transmitter it to the coverage area .

Note: We suggest clients use our standard antenna accessory part, because it is special design for this system, High gain and special Frequency range choose .


  1. Important Notice:

Do not plug-in the power, only after install all cable and antenna, and check it installed correct.

Make sure, your outdoor antenna installed at open area , not shield by tree or high building , and make sure there is no shield at the direction to the satellite.

It is important: To avoid the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna self-excitation. Please install the outdoor antenna more higher . and between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna , it should have wall or door to isolate it .


  1. Install Steps:
  • Fix and install the outdoor antenna.

The outdoor antenna must be installed vertically, signal performance will be degraded if the antenna is not vertical . make sure the outdoor antenna fix strongly.  Above have mentioned the important notice about the outdoor install problem. Seal the RF cable joint to avoid rust caused by water leakage, which resulted SWR in be-coming bad and influence using.

  • Connect the 10m RF cable to the outdoor antenna. It is better fix the cable well along with the wall . and do not let it all over the place. Avoid people go and stumble for incaution.
  • Fix the amplifier device main unit at the suitable location .

The amplifier should mount at place which near the power, so that you can connect the adaptor to the AC power.

The amplifier also need think about indoor antenna location. So that the cable is long enough connect to the indoor antenna.

  • Connect the 10m RF Cable the other terminal N type to the amplifier “OUTDOOR” port , which is marked on the panel of device .

Please make sure , it is correct connect to the right port , otherwise it will not work properly .

  • Fix the indoor antenna at suitable place , which should be in the middle of the area , so that it can coverage more area . Please see below picture .

And also you can choose another flat antenna, which is option antenna need order special . The indoor antenna should mount stable and strongly, incase it drop down or swing , and also the antenna should install vertical to the ground , so that it can cover more area.Connect the indoor antenna to the Amplifier Device “INDOOR” Port through the RF 4m Cable. There is mark on the panel of device for “ INDOOR” port .


Now , install successful , and power on your satellite phone to search and register the satellite network in the room . no need go out door anymore .


Below is the Technical specification for the device .

  1. Technical Specification


Item Specification
Receiver Transmitter
  Receiver GPS L1 1626.5~ 1660.5MHZ
  Middle Frequency 1525.0 ~1559.0 MHZ 1575.42 +/-10.25 MHZ
Output Power Max With ALC( Automatic Level control) 19dBm 19dBm
Gain >62/66dB
In/Out Impedense  50Ω
VSWR < 1:1.8
Downlink isolates degree > 125dB
Noise Factor < 5.0dB
Passband Riplpe 5dB p-p
Power Supply DC 5V / 3A
Dimension 220 x 125 x 30 mm


  1. Frequently asked questions
  • No satellite signal at the satellite phone after installed.

The reason maybe as below :

  1. Make sure the outdoor antenna is not shield , please check whether your handhold satellite phone can use at outdoor , if your hand-hold satellite phone can not received any satellite signal at outdoor , your need adjust the outdoor location .
  2. Please check whether you plug-in the DC power supply .
  3. Indoor antenna should installed at overhead, which can cover more area .


The reason of self-excitation phenomena : The isolation degree of antenna is not enough. To reduce the self-excitation phenomena , you need enlarge the isolation degree by increase the distance of indoor antenna and outdoor antenna , and also should isolated with wall or windows or door . if isolated by windows or door , please confirm it is closed not open , if you have to open it , you need install the outdoor antenna more high


satellite phone repeater



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