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Personal life-jacket MOB Beacon  KS-33R


Personal life-jacket MOB Beacon  KS-33R



  • transmits GPS target tracking information over AIS.
  • compatible with plotters and onboard navigation systems to assist fast location and retrieval.
  • small and light weight for mounting on life jacket.
  • unique serialized ID.
  • LED flashing indicator.
  • minimum 24 hour continuous operation.
  • 7-year battery life.


Specifications of KS-33R
Standards EC 61097-14, 60945(environmental/EMC), 61108 part 1, ITU-R M.1371
Sealing Depth Immersion to 5m (16.4 ft)
Operating temperature -20 to +55 degrees Celsius (-4 to +131 degrees Fahrenheit)
Storage temperature -30 to +70 degrees Celsius (-22 to +158 degrees Fahrenheit)
Battery type Lithium Manganese
Transmit duration 24 hours
Battery life (storage) 7 years
Frequency 161.975 & 162.025 MHz
Power 2W nominal
AIS Messages Transmitted Message 1 (UID, GPS Position, SOG, COG, UTC)
Message 14 (MOB ACTIVE or MOB TEST)
First transmission After 15 seconds (No GPS)
Range 4nm typically, with AIS receiver antenna > 5m above sea level
Unique ID Number Factory Programmed
GPS type 50 channel, ceramic path antenna
GPS position update Every minute
Size (D x W x L) 24 x 50 x 130mm (0.93 x 1.96 x 5.08in)
Weight 120g (4.23oz)
Standard compass safe distance 0.1-1 degree at 30cm (1ft)


KS 33R 1

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