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Model: CLP-2H Electronic Control Gyro Compass

Gyro Compass , IMO SOLAS  approval


Model: CLP-2H

Electronic Control Gyro Compass

  • Product conformity (steel marine fishing vessel construction specification) (ZY1998)
  • The product complies with the (Standard Inspection Rules for Fisheries Vessels) (ZY2000) and its revised notification
  • The product complies with the International Maritime Organization (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) 2004
  • Product complies with the International Maritime Organization (ATS/73/78)
  • The product meets the special wind resistance requirements of marine survey vessels (CB/T3526-94)
  • The product complies with the sea boat noise level regulations (GB5979-86)
  • The performance index of the product complies with the requirements of IMO (General Technical Conditions for Marine Gyro Compass)
  • The design and manufacture of the product meet the requirements of GB/T4300-2007 (ship and marine technology marine gyrocompass)


Product introduction

The CLP-2H split-type compass is the first three products designed. The traditional main compass, power box and transmission box are installed on the platform and the bulkhead respectively, and are connected by cables. With three-way damping, fast stabilization device.


Shipping requirements

Minimum safe distance to leave the magnetic compass: 1 meter

Applicable temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃

Applicable latitude: south latitude 60° ~ north latitude 60°

Applicable speed: 0~36 knots

The first and last lines of the main compass aligned with the first and last lines of the ship.

Cable socket model: four eyes 20K6P, five eyes 20K9P


Main technical performance indicators

Stable point error: within ±0.5×Secφ

Repeatability error of stability point error: ≤ 0.25 × Secφ

Stabilization time: ≤ 4h

Swing error: within ±1°×Secφ

Mean time between failures: ≥3000h


Physical parameter

CLP-2H main compass dimensions: (L)314mm × (W)401mm × (H)405mm

CLP-2H main compass installation size: see figure

CLP-2H main compass installation method: floor type

CLP-2H main compass weight: 30KG


Power box dimensions: (L)320mm × (W)130mm × (H)370mm

Power box installation size: 290mm × 300mm

Power box installation method: wall-mounted

Power box weight: 12KG


Heading send box Dimensions: (L)465mm × (W)320mm × (H)120mm

Heading send box installation size: 360mm × 290mm

Heading send box installation method: wall-mounted

Heading send box weight: 18KG


Gyro Ball : 11 KG .


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