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Marine Searching Light TG25-A (Automatic)

Model: TG25-A  Searching Light (Automatic)

Voltage: DC12C /DC24V

Current: 3A/6A

Overall size: 190*180*200mm

Weight: 2.6kg


Product use

It is capable of omni-directional, multi-purpose and long-distance lighting. It is a strong and powerful eye for yachts, coastal patrol, water police, fishing boats and other water

Operation of strong and powerful eyes.

Product Overview

The electrostatic shape makes the yacht highlight the noble and elegant temperament. Fused with a variety of precision optical technology, can provide high

degree of concentration of ultra-white light source, a longer lighting distance, such as daytime bright lighting effect. The housing is made of tough thermoplastic

Tough thermoplastic body, anti-oxidation, impact resistance. It can work normally in the storm and other harsh environments. High

quality and high standard manufacturing requirements make them durable, safe and reliable.

Lighting distance

Good spotlight effect, using blue diamond xenon-filled halogen bulbs, so that the light emitted appears to be brighter and more contrasting illumination brightness, lighting distance is farther. The color of light is close to that of xenon lamps, and the irradiation distance can reach 800 meters. And Realize the hot and cold can start the bright spot in an instant.

Main technical parameters

TG25-A Searching light

Model: TG25-A

Voltage: DC12C /DC24V

Current: 3A/6A

Overall size: 190*180*200mm

Weight: 2.6kg

Lighting angle

Grams according to the need to free up and down the left and right remote control rotation, with anti-excessive remote control motor protection device, can be 360 degrees

Left and right rotation, 72 degrees up and down rotation, quickly realize all-round, multi-angle lighting needs.Attention

DC power supply is DC12V or DC24V, other voltage battery or AC power supply can not be used.

Wiring Method

After installation, connect the red wire to the positive pole of the power supply and the black wire to the negative pole of the power supply.

Lighting Brightness : 100W halogen bulb,

luminous flux 2300LM,

color temperature: 4300.

TG25 A


TG 24A


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