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Marine fog whistle WD-1 type

Fog whistle body material: EASi80-3 copper, three-way valve material: EHSi80-3 copper, horn body material: ZL105


Fog whistle body material: EASi80-3 copper, three-way valve material: EHSi80-3 copper, horn body material: ZL105


Product name: marine fog siren CB881-84 WD-1 type

Packing: wooden case

Product Specifications:Manual, electric, electric control


This product is suitable for medium-sized and medium-large ships;

Manual–“Marine fog siren CB881-84 WD-1 manual” without power supply box, electric control box, solenoid valve, using a manual cable to control the siren pronunciation of the siren


Electric–“Marine fog siren CB881-84 WD-1 type” with power box, solenoid valve, can use manual cable or control the power button to make the siren pronunciation, with waterproof button 2 and accessories, spare parts

Electric control–“Marine fog sailing whistle CB881-84 WKD-1 type” has electric control box and solenoid valve, which can be controlled manually, electrically and automatically send out all kinds of acoustic signals conforming to the national standard when sailing, equipped with a full set of fittings and spare parts.

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The Main technical Parameters:

Electromagnetic Valve Rated Voltage (V) : AC220/ DC220 / AC110V / DC24V

Solenoid Valve Power Consumption(W) : 12

The Rated Pressure PN (MPa) : 1.0

The Audible Range (n mile ) : 1.0

Sound Pressure Level  dB(A) :  >= 130

Working Hours : Discontinuity

Gas Consumption  M3/S :   <= 0.0083

Weight (KG) : 24


WD 1 Data sheet1 800

Install Notice:

  1. After the assembly , the diaphragm and the flute shell contact should be adjusted , when the Sound is clear , lock the belt .
  2. The Three-way valve within the piston should be flexible , the Ø1 hole should not block
  3. Solenoid valve in the valve system should be flexible to move up and down.
  4. The external surface shall be spraying antirust paint.


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