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Marine CB Radio for Fishing Boat


FT-988B/ FT-988C

  • All unified networking: access to the national

coastal stations.

  • Full-band multi-channel.
  • Dual channel watch.
  • Voice encryption.
  • Ship position timely report.
  • Distress one-button call for help.
  • Commonly used channel storage and scanning.
  • All channel fast scan function.
  • Receive emergency sea/weather forecast messages.
  • Digital communication such as selective call,

quick call, group call,etc.

  • Display of automatic and manual transmission of

GNSS information.

  • Receive AM(AM: 500KHz-1.5M)radio station.



2 .comprehensive indicators

1, frequency range: 27.500MHz-39.475MHz


2, frequency interval: 25kHz


  1. Number of channels: 480


4, channel correspondence: in line with the “27.500-39.475MHz fishing boat wireless telephone”


5, modulation mode: frequency modulation (16KOG3E)


6, ambient temperature: -10℃-55℃


7, relative temperature: 90-95% (40℃)


8, power supply voltage: DC 13.8V


9, appearance size: 250mm×180mm×60mm


10, amplitude modulation (AM) broadcast receiving frequency: 500kHz-9.999MHz


  1. Number of memory channels: 15


Third, receiver performance indicators


1, reference sensitivity: ≤0.2μV (12dB)


  1. Threshold silence opening sensitivity: ≤0.15μV


3, deep silence blocking threshold: ≥5kHz


4, modulation receiving bandwidth: ≥2×5kHz


5, adjacent channel selectivity: ≥65dB


6, stray response immunity: ≥65dB


7, intermodulation immunity: ≥58dB


8, frequency audio output power: ≥1w (8W)


9, audio distortion: ≤7%


  1. Transmitter performance index


1, carrier power: 20w±2 (DC13.8V)


2, frequency error: ≤±20PPM


3, modulation limit: ≤±5kHz


4, modulation sensitivity: ≤15mV


5, audio distortion: ≤7%


6, stray RF component: ≤-53dB


7, emission consumption current: ≤5A (DC13.8V)



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