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Marine AIS Buoy beacon for tracking

Marine AIS Beacon for tracking

Built-in battery can support 240 hours

Combine GPS antenna and AIS antenna transmitter gps position and name , MMSI

More than 12 years technical with stable quality and good service


AIS Identifier For Small Vessel / AIS Fishing Net tracking Buoy

Intergrated GPS antenna and VHF antenna

Transmits MMSI, GPS position, Vessel Name etc

Configurable Transmit intervals, MMSI , Name .

Can set password to avoid change, in case lost can find back

Built-in rechargeable battery with 3800mAh , support more than 10 days

High water proof IPX7

HAB-120S  with SOS / AIS Sart .

Up to 12-15nm distance


Tracking Fishing boat as AIS Indentifier , Tracking fishing net as buoy .


Position update : every 3 minutes ( can change by software)

Work Frequency : 161.975 MHz / 162.025MHz

Channel bandwidth : 25KHZ

Modulation mode: GMSK

Bit Rate : 9600bps

HAB-120 ,  HAB-120S  Difference :

HAB-120S  add AIS sart function

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