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FT-7700  GMDSS NAVTEX Receiver CNFT /imarinex


FT-7600 /FT-7700  GMDSS NAVTEX Receiver

FT-7700 English Version

FT-7600 Chinese Version


FT-7600 NAVTEX Receiver for receiving international NAVTEX service of marinetime safety information. Comply with ITURM 540 proposals of A.694(17) resolutions. Comply with maritime safety MSC.148(77) Resolution.


Product Combinations.

FT-7600 Navtex receiver system with mainframe, active antenna amplifier , cable , power supply(optional) and printer(optional) and components.


Marine Function:

Receiving information

Dual Channel same time receiving and processing information;

Chinese / English receiving information

And phase signal sync automatically after receiving and processing information.

Receive error rate over 33% , the info will be rejected.

Station can compare the received range

Receiving station can set type of information received , ABDL except type of information.


Information Storage

Info received error rate below 33%, the information will be automatically saved.

Receive the same info twice a low bit error rate automatically saved

Each receiver can store 256 an average length is 2000 character info

Can store of individual lengths up to 8000 character info,

When receiving info over 256, the oldest message is cleared automatically.

Information storage time is 60-70 hours, and 72 hours later automatically deleted( including shutdown time)

Lock information and info number 00 will be permanently preserved.


Display Function.

Info telegram display erroneous characters displayed as “X” symbol

Can display 16lines of information text , 32 symbols per line

Can the external input display GPS navigation data, such as position, Speed, Direction etc.

Can all Alarm, Weather, user selection, complete information list display information title,

Data and time and operating tips display,


Alarm function,

Sound , Light alarm, alarm output Volume

Can distinguish the emergency alarm sound, alarm, weather, or general information received.

Select the type of information alarm,

With Alarm records check and output switching functions.


Print Function

Info can be automatically or manually select the print

You can also select info type receiving stations and automatic printing.


Technical Specifications

Receiver frequency:

International channels: 518KHZ

Local Channels: 490KHZ or 4209.5KHZ

Operating mode: FIB ( FSK : 1700HZ +/- 85HZ)

Receiver sensitivity :  less 2uV emf, error rate less than 4% .

Receiver selectivity :  > 300Hz ( 6dB bandwidth) / < 2000Hz( 60dB bandwidth)

Porous transmit :  < 4nW (50ohm)

Power Supply :  DC 9- 16V / 1A

Storage capacity : 2M Byte ( 4 PCS * 256 * 2000 symbol)

Data input : IEC-61162-1, -2.


Data output : NRX, ALR

NMEA interface : NMEA0183 ( 4800 b/s or 38400 b/s )

INS interface: RS232/ RS422 ( 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 b/s)

Alarm interface: 0.5A/ 50V

Print interface : RS232


FT 7600 2

FT 7700 pic

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