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Handheld beacon tester/receiver. Decodes transmitted message. Displays frequency and relative power level for 406MHz and 121.5MHz


ARG5410 MkII

EPIRB tester

Handheld beacon tester/receiver. Decodes transmitted message. Displays frequency and relative power level for 406MHz and 121.5MHz



Check the correct operation of EPIRB, ELT and PLB distress beacons COSPAS/SARSAT. The ARG5410 MKII EPIRB Test Set provides accurate, independent checks of the correct operation of COSPAS/SARSAT distress beacons, such as EPIRB, ELT and PLB’s. It can be connected directly through a suitable attenuator, or will receive the radiated signal using it’s own antenna. Radiated tests should be carried out using the beacons own self-test mode, if provided, or a screened room or enclosure. The unit comes complete with user friendly software, designed to guide the operator through the test procedures, with received signals decoded into plain English. Messages are time-tagged and stored, and can be viewed on the internal LCD display. Alternatively, by using the serial date output, date can be downloaded to a printer or PC.

  • Receives and decodes all types of COSPAS and SARSAT beacon signals
  • Audible indication of 121.5MHz operation
  • Radiated signal or 50 ohms direct input options
  • Serial data output to printer or PC. Independent check of serial numbers and call sign
  • Measures 406MHz carrier frequency
  • Easily updateable software/database of country codes
  • ‘Long message’ and location protocols included
  • Indication of 121 and 406 MHz power measurement
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Re-chargeable battery and mains charger
  • Integral serial output
  • Splash proof carrying case


ARG5410 MKII meets and exceeds the following IMO requirements for test equipment required for annual testing and Shore Based Maintenance of EPIRB’s.

  • SOLAS Chapter IV, paragraph 15.9
  • MSC Circular 1039
  • MSC Circular 1040
  • New version of industry standard tester
  • Works with all beacons – radiated or 50ohm connection
  • Fully decodes all message protocols
  • Measures power and frequency at 406MHz
  • Measures power and gives audible indication of 121.5MHz homing signal
  • Stores and time tags 20 messages
  • Integral rechargeable battery
  • Integral serial output to PC or printer
  • Flash programmable memory allows easy user upgrades
  • Optional PC software creates message database and prints test certificates for IMO annual maintenance and Shore Based Maintenance (MSC Circ. 1039/1040)

Tester report , typical message .

EPIRB tester report

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