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CXH*-3P Series Navigation Light For Yatching

CXH1-3P   Starboard Light

CXH2-3P   Port Side Light

CXH3-3P   Mast Light

CXH4-3P   Stern Light


Model / Name

CXH1-3P   Starboard Light

CXH3P %E5%B7%A6%E8%88%B7%E7%81%AF

CXH2-3P   Port Side Light

CXH3P 右舷灯

CXH3-3P   Mast Light

CXH3P 桅灯

CXH4-3P   Stern Light

CXH3P 艉灯


Visible distance  :  1n.m

Lamp base :       B15d

Lamp power :      12V 25W 24V 25W

Protection class :    IP55

Cable O.D. :        Φ14

Weight :             0.80kg

Scope of application

Suitable for ships under 12 meters in length for night navigation light signal contact.

Product features

1、It is easy to install and replace the bulb, and there is an automatic water leakage hole at the bottom;

2、The shell is made of high quality metal material steel, and the outer surface is sprayed with special plastic powder, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and so on.

It is corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant;

3、The lampshade is made of high quality glass with good light transmission.

Adoption of standards

1、Conforms to the 1972 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and the Classification Code for Steel Sea-going Ships;

2、Conforms to the national standard of GB/T3028-1995 for marine electric signaling lamps.

Product certification

Certified by China Classification Society “CCS”, Certification No. 00515Q20619R0M.


CXH3P 左舷灯


CXH3 大小

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