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CXH*-11P Series Navigation Light


CXH1-11P Starboard light / international Code : 370422

Visible distance :    3n.m

Horizontal light arc : 112.5°

Color : Green

CX11P 右舷灯


CXH2-11P Port side Light  Conde : 370423

Visible distance : 3n.m

Horizontal light arc :  112.5°

Color: Red

CX11P %E5%B7%A6%E8%88%B7%E7%81%AF

CXH3-11P Mast Light  / International Code  370421

Visible distance :   6n.m

Horizontal light arc  :  225°

Color : Bright

CX11P 桅灯


CXH4-11P Stern Light / International Code  370424

Visible distance : 3n.m

Horizontal light arc : 135°

Color : Bright/ Yellow

CX11P 艉灯


CXH6-11P Ring Lights /  International Code  370426 370427 370428

Visible distance :       3n.m

Horizontal light arc :   360°

Color : Red / Green / Bright

CX11P 环形灯


Lamp base :       P28S

Lamp power :     24V/60W 60cd 110V/60W 60cd 220V/60W 60cd

Protection class :   IP56

Cable O.D. :       Φ12-Φ13

Color :       green

Weight :      3.00kg


Scope of application


Suitable for 50 meters or more than 50 meters of all kinds of ships for night navigation light signal contact.


Product features


1、Shell adopts high strength engineering plastics PA+GF material injection molding, light transmittance cover adopts PC injection molding, light shield adopts high quality stainless steel molding.


The shell is injection molded with high strength engineering plastic PA+GF material, the translucent cover is injection molded with PC and the light shield is molded with high quality stainless steel:


2, the number of lights with the overall sealing structure, used in harsh environments with waterproof;


3、The connection between the lamp holder and the base is plug-and-play, and the bulb can be replaced by opening the top cover;


4, the number of lights used in line with the ship’s specifications of the ship’s number of light bulbs, the average life expectancy of not less than 700h;


5, the number of lights in the ambient temperature of -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ range can work normally.


Adoption of standards


1、Conforms to the 1972 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and the Classification Code for Steel Sea-going Ships;


2、It conforms to the international IEC60598-1-2008 standard;


3、Conforms to the national standard GB/T3028-1995 for marine electric signaling lamps.


Product certification


1、Certified by China Classification Society (CCS), certification number 00515Q20619R0M.


2、European Community “CE” certification;


CX11P series

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