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CNFT FT-806 Marine VHF Radio with Class A DSC IMO approval

  • IncludesU.S., Canada,international channelsand10 weather channels.Ithas dual-frequency and tri-frequency on-duty,and70channel (DSC )is continuouslyon-duty.Support selective call, group call,&n
  • Includes U.S., Canada, international channels and 10  weather channels.
  •   It has dual-frequency and tri-frequency on-duty, and 70  channel ( DSC ) is continuously on-duty.
  •   Support selective call, group call, sea call, all call and other digital selective calls.
  •   Distress call, confirmation, rebroadcast call.
  •   Ship position request, ship position report.
  •   FM ( 88-108MHz ) radio.
  •   Automatically record DSC transmitted and incoming messages.



FT 806 brochure1

FT 806 brochure 2


Frequency Range Tx: 156.025-157.425 MHz ,Rx: 156.025-163.275MHz Conducted spurious emissions

transmitted to the antenna

150 kHz~1 GHz:≤0.25 μW(-36 dBm) 1 GHz ~2 GHz:≤1 μW(-30 dBm)
Modulation FM(16K0G3E), DSC(26K0G2B)
Frequency error ≤±1.5 kHz Transmitter residual modulation ≤-40 dB
Operating Voltage DC13.8V(±15%) Rated audio output power ≥2 W
Antenna impedance 50Ω Maximum usable sensitivity ≤ +6 dB μV(e.m.f)
Output impedance (Audio)8Ω Adjacent channel selectivity ≥70 dB
Input resistance (Microphone)2KΩ Spurious response suppression ≥70 dB
Frequency error ≤±1.5 kHz Intermodulation response ≥70 dB
Carrier power 25 W/1 W Block ≥ +90 dBμV
Maximum allowable frequency deviation ≤±5 KHz Conducted spurious emissions transmitted to the antenna 9 kHz~2 GHz:≤2 nW(-57 dBm)
Harmonic distortion ≤10% Receiver noise level ≤-40 dB



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