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CD-4212-2 Lifeboat Battery Charger with CCS

CD4212-2 lifeboat battery charger, it is specially used for the automatic compensating charge the battery which are used on the boat or ship.

CD-4212-2 Lifeboat Battery Charger

IMO CCS Approval .

2 version : Light LED indicator , Digital LED display For charger status

  • Yellow Lamp: Charging, CD4212-2 will charge automatically if the voltage of the battery is lower than 13.3V.
  • Green Lamp: Fully Charged, CD4212-2 will stop charge automatically if the voltage of the battery is charged to 14.4V.
  • Red Lamp: Failure, CD4212-2 red lamp will flash there is open circuit, reverse polarity, short circuit.
  • Main Voltage: 42V AC
  • Charge Voltage: 2x12V DC
  • Charge Current: 2x5A DC , 2x3A DC
  • Protection: IP56
  • Trouble Shooting: CD-4212-2 yellow lamp flashing, the battery is aging, change the battery.
  • Trouble Shooting: CD-4212-2 red lamp flashing, the output cable is connected reversibly to the battery.
  • Warning: CD4212-2 lifeboat battery charger can only be used to make compensating charge for the battery.
  • Important Information: Always disconnect input VAC (mains) before connecting or disconnecting batteries.
  • Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ 55℃
  • Dimension:  243 x 134 x 80 mm
  • Weight:   5Kg
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