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BR12 barometric pressure recorder

BR12 Marine Automatic Recorder Air Pressure 1100 Week 1200 Days ()




  1. BR12 barometric pressure recorder is an instrument used by meteorological stations and relevant departments to record continuous changes in atmospheric pressure in a certain period of time (hereinafter referred to as barometer)


Two: Overview


  1. The instrument has the following recording types:


(1) Diary type – the recording cylinder rotates for 24 hours.


(2) Weekly type – the rotation of the recording cylinder is 7 days, that is, 168 hours.


  1. Barometer is manufactured by using the principle of a set of vacuum diaphragm boxes stretching and stretching with the change of atmospheric pressure, and its structure consists of the following basic components:


(1) The air pressure sensing part (a) is composed of a set of vacuum membrane boxes.


(2) The transmission mechanism is composed of lever (b) and tie rod (C) and other components.


(3) The recording part is composed of a pen barrel (D) with a nib and a recording barrel (E).


(4) Each part of the mechanism is combined by the base plate (F) and the shell.


  1. When the atmospheric pressure changes, the vacuum membrane box is retracted, and the tip on the pen barrel moves up and down along the arc on the self-writing paper due to the action of the lever and tie rod, and records the trace of the change in air pressure.


  1. The rotation of the recording cylinder relies on the electronic clock installed in the lower part of the bottom plate to drive the rotation.


  1. Scale value on self-writing paper: the horizontal scale is the air pressure value, and the upper and lower arcs are the time value.


7 When replacing the recording paper, it is necessary to pull the pen lever (g) outward so that the nib on the barrel leaves the recording paper.


  1. Turn the adjustment knob (H) to adjust the nib to the required air pressure value on the recording paper.


Three. Technical specifications


  1. Measuring range of the instrument: under the condition of ambient temperature of -10~+40°C, the atmospheric pressure can be measured 960hpa~1050hpa.


  1. The temperature coefficient of air pressure is not more than ±0.13hpa/1°C.


  1. When the revised value of 1010hpa is 0.0, the correction value of the two endpoints of the barometer (960hpa and 1060hpa) is not greater than 1.5hpa.


  1. The allowable deviation of the recording time of the diary-type barometer is not more than ±5min by 24h; The allowable deviation of the recording time of the weekly barometer is not more than ±30min.


Four. Instrument set


  1. The full set of instruments includes:


(1) 1 BR12 barometric pressure recorder.


(2) 2 spare nibs.


(3) 1 bottle of special meteorological record ink.


(4) 400 sheets of special recording paper (diary type) for barometric pressure recorder, or 60 sheets (weekly type).


(5) Product factory certificate. 1 serving.


(6) Product instruction manual. 1 serving


BR12 Marine Automatic Recorder Air Pressure 1100 Week 1200 Days ()

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