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AMC728 Ultra-Sonic Anemometer

Ultrasonic Measurement, Ultra advanced designing

360 degree angle less blind zone

7inch LCD Display , High reliability While less mechanic maintance

Can upgrade to aerograph to display temperature humidity and pressure

CCS type approval



AMC728 is a Ultrasonic anemometer which get approval by CCS, it has the precision wind speed and direction measurement , without the moving parts. it is more reliable and least mechanic maintance, the speed and direction can be pointed out by the 7inch LCD screen, 4 NMEA interfaces in the unit which can receive the data of Gyro , GPS, Speed log and transmit wind and direction data.

Display: 7inch TFT Color LCD   ( 320*240)

Brightness : Adjustable brightness and back color

Speed range :  0-40m/s

Speed accuracy :  +/- 0.1m/s  when speed  <  5 m/s

+/- 2%  when speed > 5m /s.

Direction Range :  0- 359 degree .

Direction Accuracy :  +/-  1 degree.

NMEA 0183 input  *2 :  Option from GPS , Gyro , Speed Log.

Aerograph data input ( option) : Temerature, Humidity, and Pressure

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