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45C-MA Rudder Angel Indicator

Rudder Angel Indicator


Rudder Angel Indicator


Measurement range: 0-40

Power input: DC24V

Current output: 0.5mA

Measurement accuracy: 99%

Purpose: used in ships and instruments

Matching includes: rudder angle meter 45c3-ma (with light and night light), power box, generator

Methods of detection and judgment table, power indicator and rudder angle generator:

The rudder angle meter does not move solution: judge whether it is a problem with the meter: use the ohm gear of the multimeter to go to the large column of the meter. 1 ohm or 10 ohm or 100 ohm can be used. Use black and red to change the amount left and right. If the meter moves left and right, the meter is OK. If the meter does not move (or the range of movement is small), the rudder angle meter has a problem.

45C MA rudder indicator 2


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