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SY-II-03   Bearing Repeater Compass

Input protocol


Baud rate


Input voltage

+18V ~ +40V DC


Marine Heading Repeater Compass ( With Vertical/Wall mounting type holder)

Under the control of microcomputer chip , the inside stepping motor will rotate to indicator the course heading . Meanwhile ,there is also a nixie tube to show the heading through receiving the digital signal from the NMEA0183 communication protocol. Our heading repeater provides digitally accurate, precise readings of the course heading on an easy-to-read, bright display. This item can support the use of our 3-axis digital compass (Model:DCM300) or other equipment which outputs NMEA0183 protocol signal.

Precision 0.1°
Resolution 0.1°
Repeatability 0.1°
Input protocol NMEA0183 ,HDT/HDG/HDM
Baud rate 4800bps
Input voltage +18V ~ +40V DC
Output voltage +12V
Working temperature -20°C~ +65°C

SY-II-03   bearing repeater has two kinds: veretical and wall-mounting type. According to the international style, it’s the latest
support designed and manufactured by our factory. The spare parts are basically moulded in a one-off manner, which is an advanced techology. Hence the sand or air hole or unstable size which may easily occur in the former sand-cast process can be avoided. The compass repeater is rational in structure, good-looking in appearance, firm and endurable, reasonable in price, so a substitute of new generation for the bearing repeater support at home and abroad.


sy ii 03 bearing repeater support 500


SY ii 03 support 500


SY II 03 repeater series


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