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10.4 inch Echo Sounder 1000W




10.4-inch Color TFT LCD, 800 x 600 pixels

Echo Color

8 colors or 8-level monochrome

Transducer : 1000W



Navigational Echo Sounder with Memory Storage and Recall of Depth data




10.4-inch Color TFT LCD, 800 x 600 pixels

Echo Color

8 colors or 8-level monochrome

Display Area

228.4 mm X 175.4 mm

Basic Range

Meters : 5/10/20/40/100/200/400/800
Feet : 15/30/60/120/300/600/1500/2500
Fathoms : 3/5/10/20/50/100/200/400
Default settings; it could be customized for use w/o range 3 and 6


+/- 2.5% on any range

Minimum Range

1.5 m (200 KHz), 1.5 m (50 KHz)


Draft 0 to 30 m in 0.1 m steps, default 0 m

Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR)

Depth (m) 5 10 20 40 80 150 200 300 600
Pulse-Length (ms) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.75 1 1.5 3
PRR (pulse/min) 750 750 750 375 187.5 100 75 60 60

Display Mode

NAV : Basic echo presentation with the depth below transducer
DBS : Echo presentation with the depth below sea surface (or keel)
HISTRY : Historical Echo presentation with the depth
LOGBOOK : Echo presentation with the pop-up table showing
Time, Depth and L/L* data memorized at preset interval
OS DATA : Echo presentation with the pop-up table of present
navigational data; L/L*, course*, speed*, time, depth
HELP : Echo presentation with the help menu and note
MENU : Echo presentation with the user menu.

Picture Advance Speed

Slow mode 15 minutes or more
Fast Mode Picture advance Range
Range (m): 5/10/20/40/100/200/400/800
Interval (min):1.8/1.8/1.8/8/8/20/30/30

User Setting

Gain, Range, Alarm, Draft, Brilliance, Dimmer, Color, Auto

Auto Set Mode

Gain, range and clutter will be automatically adjusted.


Shallow water (default 20 m), Bottom lost, Power drop

Logbook Display

Depth, Internal clock, L/L* 1 hour at 5 sec Interval, 12 hours at
1 minute interval and 24 hours at 2 minutes interval.
*: External navigational sensor required.

Transmit Frequency

50 kHz or 200 kHz, specify when ordering

Output Power

600 Wrms



Serial Input Data

IEC61162-1, current loop; 1 port
RMA: L/L, ground track speed, Track
RMC: L/L(GPS), ground track speed, Track, Time
VTG: Ground track speed,
Track (True/Magnetic selected on menu)
ZDA: Time

Serial Output Data

IEC61162-1, output period:1 sec.;3 outputs/1 port
SDDPT: Depth (m), Draft (m)
SDDBT: Depth (ft, m, fa) below transducer
SDDBS: Depth (ft, m, fa) below sea surface

Alarm (Depth, Power)

Contact closure signal


 Power Supply

DC 11-40V : 3A Max


 Environmental Conditions

Ambient Temperature

-15°C to +55°C

Relative Humidity

95% or less at 40°C


Display unit: IPX5

EMC Emission

IEC 60945 Ver.3


 Equipment List

Display unit
Quick Manual
Transducer (specify when ordering)
Standard Accessories Pack


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