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Onwa Weather Station PC software Free download

Thanks for using Onwa Weather PC software. Onwa Weather PC software is designed for land and

marine use to work with Onwa Ultrasonic Weather Station KW-360.

Onwa Weather PC software functions includes :

1) Displays the following weather information sending from KW-360

– Wind speed

– Wind direction

– Air pressure

– Air temperature

– Humidity

2) Provides input of NMEA0183 GPS and heading data

3) Air pressure and air temperature curve for weather warning purpose

4) Setting of air pressure and air temperature alarm

5) Setting of installation altitude for high ground installation

6) Display of tide table and Celestial

7) Setting of output baudrate and output format of KW-360


There are several display you can choose from the View menu :

KW 360 PC software 600

POSITION = The LON/LAT position of the KW-360 is installed

TEMPERATURE = Air temperature pick up by KW-360

AIR PRESSURE = Air pressure pick up by KW-360

HUMIDITY = Humidity pick up by KW-360

AWS = Apparent Wind Speed (relative to the boat)

AWA = Apparent Wind Angle (relative to the bow, 0 to 180, starboard plus, port minus)

TWS = True Wind Speed (relative to the fixed earth)

TWA = True Wind Angle (related to the fixed earth)

Note :

  1. For land use, since the KW-360 is installed on a fixed position and direction so AWS = TWS, AWA = TWA
  2. For use on a boat :


3.2) Weather alarm screen

This screen displays history curve of air temperature and air pressure in format of 24 hours and 7 days.

You can also check the history curve of specify date or week by check the box and select the date :

KW 360 PC software 2 600

3.3) Additional function ; Tide table

KW 360 PC software 4 600

3.4) Additional function  ; Celestial


3.5) NMEA Data

You can check the NMEA data input from the KW-360 and GPS data (if a GPS sensor is connected)

KW 360 PC software 3 600

3.6) Message

You can check the alarm messages history


  1. Settings

This section tells you :

  1. How to configure all settings of Onwa Weather
  2. How to use Onwa weather PC software to configure the output of KW-360

4.1) Setup of GPS and heading data input

In some application it needs to input GPS and heading data to calculate the true wind speed and direction.

KW 360 PC software 5 600

Please refer to the red box above, you can select either “Manual” or “Sensor”. In case you connected a GPS

or heading sensor then you need to choose “Sensor” otherwise please select “Manual”.

4.2) Altitude

This setting is for high ground installation use, the standard air pressure will vary with altitude so this setting is for air pressure compensation against altitude.



4.4) Time and Refresh rate

Refresh rate (seconds) is for averaging the hpa, hpa/1h, hpa/2h and TEMPERATURE data in red boxes

below :


4.5) Alarm

There are 3 kinds of alarm settings :

– AWS alarm = when wind speed reach this level

– TEMP alarm = Air temperature out of the set range

– hPa/1h alarm = the change of air pressure for the last hour out of set figure

– hPa/2H alarm = the change of air pressure for the last two hours of set figure


4.6) Set save path of data recording

All input data including KW-360, option GPS and heading sensor, manual position(LON/LAT) and heading

will be recorded and saved in this folder. The file names of the recorded data is in the format of starting

recording date and time.

Example : the file name 02012020-112100 is started to record the data at local time 11:21 :00 on 02-Jan-




4.7.1) You can change the connected KW-360 output baudrate from default (9600) to other baudrate

Simply choose the baudrate you want to change and click [Config]

After you change the baudrate of KW-360 you require to set the baudrate to match the change otherwise

you can’t see the KW-360 output data.


4.7.2) You can change the output format of connected KW-360 between NMEA0183 and Modbus(For

industrial use)

Simply choose the format and click [Config]


Please notice that :

– Modbus output is only available on RS485 port of KW-360

– After you configure the KW-360 output to Modbus all data display on Wind screen will be disappeared.


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