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ONWA marine radar Network HD digital radar

ONWA marine radar Network HD digital radar KR-1968H

— Support Ethernet expansion


Using the latest digital signal processing technology

Optimized wave suppression algorithm, better wave suppression effect, better small target stability

Adopting digital algorithm for rain and snow suppression, enhancing the rain and snow suppression effect.

Optimized echo processing algorithm, stable echo, delicate, strong sense of hierarchy

One key automatic wave suppression, rain and snow suppression function, more convenient to use.

24/48rpm dual-speed automatic switching according to the range to realize the radar image in time to refresh

Support AIS trailing function

With tail track display function, highlighting the track of moving target.

Stable AIS/ARPA target tracking and overlay display function.

Support HDMI video output

Radar image superimposed electronic charts*.

Extendable chart and bathymetry function*.

Join the network command monitoring function, real-time monitoring network send/receive command transmission.


ONWA new generation of high-definition digital marine radar, the latest digital signal processing technology, adding 24/48 rpm optional dual-speed, coupled with waterproof high-definition high-brightness color LCD display, with stable and excellent resolution, user-friendly operating system, advanced Ethernet network technology is the radar antenna and the cable distance between the display controller is unlimitedly extended, especially suitable for inland waterway and coastal It is especially suitable for inland and coastal small and medium-sized ships or special occasions.

onwa marine radar

25KW数字雷达1 small


onwa marine radar


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