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Magnetron Cross Reference

Marine Radar  Magnetron Cross Reference List .


Magnetron Cross Reference
To Be Replaced NJRC Type
2J42 MVS1425A
9M302 MRF1421B
9M31 9M31
9M40 9M40
9M502 MSF1422B
9M602 MVF1425B
9M61 MVS1425A
9M612 MSF1425B
9M62A MSS1422A
9M65 9M502/E3526
9M72 9M72
9M752 9M752 or M1325L
9M753 M1328L
9M80 MVS1422B
9M80A MVS1425A
AMC-1 M1439
E3509 9M72
E3509L M1311L
E3513 MRF1421B
E3526 MSF1422B
E3554 MG5353
E3561 MG5353
E3573 MAF1421B
E3581 MAF1452B
ET105 2J70B
ET760 MVS1425A
ET761 M1311L
JP9-15 M1304
JP9-18 9M72
JP9-2.5D MRF1421C
JP9-2.5E MRFB1421C
JP9-2.5F MRF1421B
JP9-7 MVS1425A
JP9-7L M1310
M1305 MVF1425B
M1308 MVS1425A
M1311L M1311L
M1315L MRF1421C
M1325L M1325L
M1328 M1328
M1350L MRFB1421C
M1353L M1353L
M1354L MRF1424C
M1361 MSF1422B
M1369 MSF1425B
M1430 M1430
M1437 M1437
M1454 M1454
M1457 M1457
M1458 M1458
M1458A M1458A
M1461 M1461
M1492 M1492
M1517 M1517N
M1517N M1517N
M1528 M1528
M4505E 9M31
M4527E MSS1422A
M5020 M1302L
M5022 M1328
M5031 M1310
M5039 M1311L
M503A MVS1425A
M5043 M1353L
M5044 MRF1424C
M5063 2J70B
M5065 MSS1422A
M5108 MVS1425B
M5115 MVS1422B
M5131 9M72
M513B M1304
M515 M1325L
M5174 MSF1425B
M5187 M1325L
M5187F M1517N
M5196A MRF1421C
M5196B MRFB1421C
M5196F MRF1421B
M5197 MRF1424C
M5198 MRF1424B
M5199 M1328
M526 MVS1425A
M551 4J52A
M597 MVF1425B
M598B M1312
M599A MRF1421C
M599B MRFB1421C
M599F MRF1421B
MG5217 MSF1422B
MG5218 M1568B
MG5222 M1311L
MG5223 M1555
MG5232 MSF1422B
MG5233 MRF1424B
MG5234 MRF1424C
MG5238A MRF1421C
MG5238B MRFB1421C
MG5239 M1311L (w/special input cap)
MG5241 MSF1425B
MG5243 MSF1421C
MG5244 MVS1425A
MG5245 MSF1425A
MG5248 MSF1421B
MG5251 MRF1421B
MG5255 MVS1422B
MG5256 M1310
MG5257 MVF1425B
MG5258 MVS1425B
MG5259 MSS1422A
MG5264 9M72 or M1454
MG5267 2J70B
MG5273 MVF1422B
MG5289 2J70A
MG5353 MAF1452B
MG5388 MAF1421B
MG5388C MAF1421BN
MG5424 M1568B
MG5435 2J55
QKH1862 M1311L
QKH1978 2J70B
RMC-1 M1439
RMC-2 M1489
YJ1071 MVF1425B
YJ1110 M1311L
YJ1120 M1325L
YJ1121 M1328
YJ1300 MRF1424B
YJ1301 MRF1424C
MG5437 M1568B
MG4004 MAF1611B
MG4006 MAF1562B
MG4010 MAF1565N

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