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Furuno Radar power and magnetron reference

Furuno Radars:
Published Peak Power and Antenna Characteristics

2 kW Systems
: E3588
   1622, 1623
   1715, 1722, 1723, 1724, 1824, DRS2D
   1734, 1834


4 kW Systems
Magnetrons: E3513, E3571, MAF1421B, 9M302
   1731 Mk3, 1835, DRS4D
   1742, 1752, 1753
   1932 Mk2, 1934, 1935
   1762, 1763, DRS4A


6 kW Systems
Magnetrons: E3560, MG4006, MG5232, MG5389, MAF1422B
  1942, 1942 Mk2, 1944, FR-7062, FR-8062, DRS6A
   FR-1505 Mk3
   FR-7062, FR-8062A
   FR-7062, FR-8062


10 kW Systems
Magnetrons: E3566, MG5241, 9M602
   FR-2010, FR-2030, FR-8111


12 kW Systems
Magnetrons: MG4010 MG5241 MAF1422B MAF1425B 9M602
   1954, FR-1510 Mk3, FR-2115, FAR-2117, FR-2125,
FAR-2815, FAR-2817, FR-7112, FR-8122, DRS12A
   1954, FR-7112, FR-8122, DRS12A
   FR-1510 Mk3, FR-2115, FAR-2117, FR-2125, FAR-2815,


25 kW Systems
Magnetrons: MG5436, M5187F, M1458F, 9M752
  1964, FR-2020, DRS25A
   FR-1525 Mk3, FR-1525D/DA, FR-2125V/W, FAR-2127,
FAR-2825, FAR-2827, FR-7252, FR-8251, FR-8252
   FR-7252, FR-8252
   FR-1525 Mk3, FR-1525DA, FR-2020, FR-2125V/W,
FAR-2127, FAR-2825, FAR-2827, FR-7252, FR-8251
30 kW Systems – S Band
Magnetrons: MG5223F
   FR-2135S, FAR-2137S, FR-2835S, FAR-2837S


50 kW Systems
Magnetrons: 9M31F, 9M752


60 kW Systems – S Band
Magnetrons: MG5240F
   FR-2165DS, FAR-2865S



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