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converter program kdx to onwa format odf file

Maybe you meet problem for download the way point from computer or other brand to onwa chartplotter . here give you the solution .

Onwa plotter only accept ODF file (Onwa Format), We provide a convert program KDX. Download link :


KDX is a PC software to convert the user data (waypoints, routes, tracks and marks etc.)between odf (Onwa format) and other common format such as XML (C-MAP) and GPX (OPENCPN)

GPX format is a wildcard for user data (waypoints, routes, tracks and marks.), you can convert most other brands user data to GPX and convert from GPX to odf.

Example of converting other brands user data to GPX :

1) Garmin to GPX : use Garmin Homeport,

2) Googel Earth to GPX : use online converter,

3) Raymarine to GPX : Please refer to

4) Lowrance to GPX : Please refer to


Here are 10 free GPX viewer websites. You can upload GPX file (GPS Exchange Format) from PC and then view GPX file tracks, waypoints, and routes. Many of these online GPX viewers let you change Map view mode (satellite, terrain, etc.) and zoom in and out map also as these websites take the help of Google Maps and other map services to view GPX file data.

A lot of other information is also provided by some of these free GPX viewer websites. You can view total distance covered in GPX file, lowest point, highest point, total climb, average speed, maximum speed, etc. A few unique features are also present in some GPX viewers. For example, you can edit GPX data, show/hide points, view elevation graph, etc.

Let’s begin with the first free online GPX viewer present in this list.

So, here I wrap up my list containing free GPX viewer websites. While some are awesome, other online GPX viewer are good, and rest of the websites are OK to use. So, you may have a look at these websites and their features, and select the one that fits to your needs. Personally, I would prefer GPX file viewer (the very first website) for viewing GPX file data because it has numerous features


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