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Imarinex engaged in marine products business from 2009, after more than 14 years of development, we have not only developed marine gps navigators, AIS transponder, ais receiver , ais buoy, satellite phone docking station, Repeater, handheld navigators, etc. through our own R&D, but also developed and grown due to our good relationship with various marine parts suppliers in China,  as well as a very high reputation, and very good supply chain management capabilities, we continue to develop and grow to provide customers with integrated services for marine products.

Our Advantages

Our mission is to be the best outfitter of boating-related products for recreational and commercial activities, and to provide outstanding value to each customer. We’ve worked very hard to get to where we are today, and hope to be your choice for marine electronics products

We maintain long-term cooperation and good relationship with suppliers to provide stable and reliable products
Our most customer is dealer not for end user , so We keep very low profit margin, so as to benefit the dealers and provide competitive products to the market.
We have our own warehouses, stock in advance, So we can very fast delivery response to meet the customer's pursuit of delivery time. We can arrange worldwide shipment through Express ( DHL, FEDEX,UPS etc) and air flight or by sea .
We strive to provide products to cover all of your boating needs , and to keep all of the newest items in stock.
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